From Humble Beginings

Company Ivek and Marek . for the production of domestic food , is the only domestic manufacturer of sweets , confectionery products and snack products from whole-wheat flour and brown cane sugar without the use of artificial colors , artificial flavors , preservatives , trans-fats and genetically modified foods . Ivek and Marek Company . was founded in year 2015 !

Restaurant Ivek and Marek top restaurant of traditional dishes in a traditional atmosphere since 2015,is located in the old part of Zagreb in Tkalčićeva 70 with the same name Zagreb patisserie.Its rusticity and specific ambience attracted both domestic and foreign guests. It should be noticed that in rich menus are different types of dishes,some of which are the most popular:Zagorje pie,steak Boškarin,Dalmatian stewed beef dish,Hunting “žgvacet”(Istrian sauce)and other integral and traditional Croatian dishes.


Locally Sourced & Healthy Food

We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and  farmers, with locally sourced produce.


Our Beliefs About Healthy Diet Are Our Core Business

Our philosophy is very simple : fresh ingridients and natural supplements. To live up to this philosophy, we developted a network of suppliers who can mesure up to this demand and they help us to provide only the best for our guests, and that is the feeling to return to our restaurant all over again.